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What Will Prestige Promotions Do For Me?

We meet with you to determine how your current sales and marketing programs are working and what are the greatest challenges you are currently facing in your business.   If we can be of service to you, we will provide a marketing and sales strategy to help fix that pressing problem that keeps you up at night.

How We Deliver?

Customer Acquisition

We automate the initial eight to ten marketing touches to shorten your sales cycle, secure face-to-face appointments with large key prospects and increase your top line revenue.  We help you develop creative and unique trade show programs that will be memorable and ensure a trackable return on investment.

We do even more, but what we do for you is always driven by what you need.

Customer Retention

Staying in front of your clients and maintaining your relationship is the key to retention.  We automate a process which keeps you consistently in front of your clients with relevant information, anniversaries and special dates, annual reviews or any other process key to retaining your current client base. 

If you had only one client, how would you treat that client?  What if you could maintain that kind of service for all of your clients?  That is the process we call the power of one.

Customer Referrals

Another key to increasing revenue is the ability to leverage your existing client base to bring in more clients.  We automate client referral programs that reward your clients for bringing in new business.

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